What is PEAK Staking?

What is PEAK Staking?

Besides investing in the PEAKDEFI Global Fund you can grow your Capital by Staking PEAK. At a very basic level, “staking” means locking your crypto assets for a certain period of time for a specific purpose. With regard to PEAK you’ll get Rewards for decreasing the current circulating supply in the Market and stabilizing the PEAK price by locking your PEAK on the PEAKDEFI Platform. 1 Bln. are reserved for Staking Purpose. 700 Mio. PEAK are reserved for “natural” Staking Rewards, 250. Mio. PEAK the for so-called Protection Staking and 50 Mio. are reserved for Referral Ranking Bonus. You can earn up to 83% in natural PEAK Staking per Year!

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